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What's new in Ruby 3?
What’s new in Ruby 3.0?

The recently released Ruby 3.0 was a long wait and surely every Ruby developer is pretty excited it’s finally here. Will it be better, faster, more correct, pleasant, with better features? Let’s ask our Spark Academy Special Guest – Bozhidar Batsov. He is a Hacker and Emacs fanatic, author of RuboCop, CIDER, Emacs Prelude, Projectile […]

magaloop case study
Magaloop – a Berlin based startup that helps small shop owners

Magaloop is a platform that connects independent shop owners with manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers from the FMCG industry.  The Fast Moving Consumer Goods market in Germany is highly fragmented and suffers from a complex distribution chain that is, for the most part, still analog, inefficient, and intransparent. This situation is particularly burdensome for small shops owners […]

COVID-19 response: well delivered online store for employees only

We wouldn’t be much of an E-Commerce consultancy if, in the times of the COVID-19 social distancing, we haven’t delivered all the necessities to our teammates working remotely. Using our own E-Commerce solution. So we have. Instead of roaming the streets, our teammates may use our online store to order a variety of home […]

Ruby on Rails Docker containers cedar-14 end of life
Heroku cedar-14 end-of life? Use a Docker container!

If you’ve recently noticed a message “The cedar-14 stack end-of life window has begun as of May 1st, 2019” for your Heroku hosted apps you have two choices: upgrade your app or run it in a Docker container. The latter option will not only enable you to run your app untouched but will also speed […]

Spark Academy 2020
Spark Academy 2020

Enroll now for Ruby on Rails & JS workshops with our Senior Developers, QAs and PMs on the hottest dev topics of 2020. Improve your skills, gain some experience, make new friends! It’s free but only the chosen ones shall pass. Spark Academy workshops are happening every second Thursday of the month at 18.30 (for […]

Spark Solutions at Hamburg Ruby UnConf 2019
Spark Solutions team attending the best Tech events around Europe

In spring and summer, 2019 Spark Solutions team attended a series of Tech Events in Europe. For many developers, it was a new and very refreshing experience. First of all, conferences and other such events are a great opportunity to find out about new trends and projects, not only in their everyday Tech Stack but […]

Spark Academy Ruby on Rails workshops
Spark Academy workshops for RoR devs

In October 2018 we launched the first edition of Spark Academy – a learning and skill sharing program for Ruby on Rails developers. Each workshop consisted of a theoretical introduction to the topic followed by a live coding session. Most of the times participants also got an optional home assignment to be submitted for review […]

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