Spark Solutions

Spark Solutions is a software development agency specialized in Ruby on Rails, Spree Commerce and Javascript development. Our project teams consist of UX and UI designers, Software Engineers, Testers and Project Managers practicing agile project delivery.



Our interdisciplinary teams, domain and project knowledge transfer between our people is our greatest strength.



Talent attracts talent. Our clients choose to work with us for that reason. They stay with us because we deliver.



"Processes" sounded boring so we've decided to go for "Passion". We are passionate about achieving our client's success with technology.

Our story

Our software development roots go back to the 2000s when both Spark founders – Damian and Mike – run their own online startups. The latest one around 2010 was based on Spree Commerce. Since then they’ve done Spree client work and in 2015 started Spark Solutions.

We work mostly for US and UK clients and have years of cumulative experience in various MVP, re-platforming and digital transformation projects. On the other hand, we’re learning new things from our clients every day and keep improving our processes to provide quality service and visibility into our progress.

At Spark we practice agile project delivery, start with project discovery workshops, kick-off delivery in sprints, hold daily standups, schedule weekly planning or demo sessions with our client, share Slack channels, collaborate around Jira boards, Confluence PRDs, GitHub pull requests, to deliver quality digital products and software solutions.

We also enjoy face to face meetings with our clients, other project teams, fellow developers, testers, project owners and managers. Traveling to participate in industry meetups, conferences, and trade is always fun.


Our team

Meet our team of digital natives passionate about working in the most ambitious software projects. Teamwork makes projects work.


Our team

Meet our team of digital natives passionate about working in the most ambitious software projects. Teamwork makes projects work.

Our team leads Spree Commerce open-source development

Since 2016 we are the Spree Commerce open-source core team developing and maintaining the project, integrating 3rd party services and animating the Spree developer community. In the past 4 years we’ve enriched the Spree ecosystem with the latest Rails support (twice, for Rails 5 and 6), a highly-optimized Rails frontend, an optional PWA frontend, a modern REST API V2, GraphQL (coming soon), several official extensions and integrations.

Spree success stories

Take a look at these case studies of Spree-based stores as well as multi-vendor marketplaces and B2B platforms.


Spree on GitHub

Visit the developer dashboard for the Spree open-source project and use it, submit your issues or contribute your code.


Spree Slack

Join us and 4000 other Spree developers and users and share your questions, requests or share your Spree know-how.

We believe in long term relationships

How we work

Here’s our preferred tech stack but we could adapt to your favorites as well:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Spree Commerce
  • JavaScript (ES6), ReactJS,  Redux
  • HTML5, Sass, Bootstrap
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Memcached
  • ElasticSearch
  • Heroku, AWS, Docker

We’re making sure to give our clients visibility into our work and communicate openly to inspire trust and confidence:

  • Github for code management – full transparency, code is always yours
  • Jira – for development task tracking to give you full visibility into our progress daily
  • Slack – group chat and notifications dashboard
  • Google Hangouts – for conference calls
  • CodeClimate – for static code quality analysis
  • Toggl – for time tracking and billing

We embrace agile flexibility combined with strong project management and constant communication:

  • Let’s do a discovery sprint to scope and then plan the project in phases
  • We aim to deliver working software for each demo session in each sprint
  • Our clients remain in control of scope, timeline and budget changes
  • Let’s launch an MVP 3-6 months (faster, if possible)
  • Post-MVP let’s make data-driven decisions on how to optimize and scale your business

Our offices

Our main office is located in Warsaw, Poland, where the vast majority of our talent resides. We have sales offices in New York and London. At least few times a year we visit our clients all over US, Canada and Europe. Feel free to pay us a visit or invite us to your place.

Warsaw, Poland

Spark Solutions, Jasna 15, Warszawa



Spark Labs, 1 St Katharine’s Way, London


New York

Spark Labs, 833 Broadway, New York



Contact us

>Feel free to send us a message to discuss your project requirements and receive a quote.

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