DevHeroes Meetup #1: heroes are not born, they are self-made

DevHeroes meetup, a place to meet your fellow Developer, QA professional / Tester, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Project Manager, was hosted by Spark Solutions on September 19th, 2017, at Nowy Świat Muzyki in the heart of Warsaw. It was a time away from the keyboard, time for inspirational talks, chatting and networking with like-minded IT professionals.

The mission of Dev Heroes meetups is to get people who are doers together, share their true stories of amazing accomplishments, recharge batteries and get inspired to face greater challenges than ever before.

None of us is born as a hero, it takes a lot of work, commitment, and sheer willpower to become one.

At each meeting we will tackle topics from three areas:

→  System Architecture

→  Productivity

 True Stories


Mateusz Kozak – Microservices

Our first speaker was a developer with many years of experience Mateusz Kozak – fan of microservices and optimization (both processes and applications), enthusiast of space exploration.

Mateusz shared with us his knowledge of microservices (and it was really a lot!).

Video recording



Maciej Sienkiewicz – PO inside the company vs. customer in the role of PO

The next speaker was Maciej Sienkiewicz.

Maciej is a scrum master with a wide background in the field of mobile and web technologies. In free time, he travels the world by two wheels! He improves his teams in terms of transparency, self-development and transparent feedback.

Maciej was talking about the role of Product Owner – PO inside the company vs. customer in the role of PO.

→ Video recording



Piotr Leniec – WebAssembly

Our last speaker was Piotr Leniec.

Piotr is a Full-Stack Developer, mentor, and promoter of good practices. He is also interested in the business context of IT projects, such as SEO and analytics. Soon he will start devops workshops (more info soon).

Piotr was talking about WebAssembly.

→ Video recording



Let’s move on!

The next meeting will take place on the 30th of October 2017 at Google Campus.

Facebook event:

We provide a great atmosphere, some attractions, a huge dose of knowledge and networking!

Check out the application form and drop by!

→ Register here:

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