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August 3 2016
Open Commerce Conf 2016 & multiple Spree success stories

The first Spree dedicated event since Spree Conf 2014 took place on June 28-29th in New York. Organized by Spark Solutions team, it was a 2 day event that connected developers and business people interested in eCommerce open source solutions. It was packed with real life know-how, discussion and Spree Commerce success stories. Followed by a […]

February 2 2016
Monthly Hangout with the Spree Commerce Core Team

You are very welcome to join a Monthly Hangout with the Spree Commerce Core Team every first Monday of the month. Spree Commerce is an open-source project and as such it relies on community contributors. Contributors are very human and we strongly believe that face to face contact is vital to our open-source efforts.

February 2 2016
the relase of new version of spree commerce
Spree Commerce 3.0.5 released

We’re excited to announce that Spree 3.0.5 is now available on rubygems.  On behalf of the Spree team I’d like to thank all the contributors for their pull requests merged as to be expected in any open source project.

June 10 2015
Question: How much does it cost to implement Spree Commerce?

Basic Spree framework is available for free – it’s open source. But you need to customize it to your specific needs and that can be done by a specialized Spree shop. Or you can work on it yourself – if you can spare the time. Just like with any other open source solution it saves […]

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