Amazon’s 1-Click Purchase for everyone!

What is 1-Click Purchase?

The 1-click purchase allows returning customers to place an order with one simple button click thanks to the fact that their purchase data (billing address, preferred shipping method and payment details) was previously saved right after their initial purchase.

For the past 20 years, this simple purchase option was available exclusively on Amazon and Apple Store, but that’s about to change.

Why should e-commerce platforms pay attention?

Everybody working in the electronic commerce space will tell you that creating a frictionless Checkout Process is the ultimate goal of their professional lives.

Marketers, UX designers, and developers have been working tirelessly for the past 20 years to make payment flow easy and accessible to their customers.  After all, as research shows, almost 70% of our users bounce away from the site during Checkout. Seventy percent!

It doesn’t matter if you offer great products, nor have a neatly-designed website and world-class marketing specialist on board; 7 out of 10 potential customers will never complete the purchase due to flaws in your Checkout Process.

1-Click Purchase removes this bottleneck and lets users complete their purchase without having to visit a shopping cart dealing with multiple checkout steps at all.


What does the future hold for e-commerce Checkout Process?

We’re no fortune tellers at Spark Solutions, but we’re already working on allowing our customers and Spree users to implement 1-Click Purchase on their platforms.  And we’re not the only ones.

Q4 is the most significant sales season of the year.  It accounts for 25% of yearly e-commerce income.  We’ve already offered some tips on how to properly prepare for Black Friday and holiday season


What do you guys think?  Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

And if you’re looking to improve your shopping platform, we’re more than happy to help you out.  Leave us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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AlbertAmazon’s 1-Click Purchase for everyone!

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