Question: What platform is best for a scalable eCommerce solution with 10M+ registered users? It’s Spree Commerce.

Ecommerce site operating at this scale (10 million registered users) would be so custom and so complex with several intertwining hardware and software solutions that you wouldn’t call it WordPress, Joomla, Django, Magento or anything else anymore.

Django, WordPress, Magento or any other eCommerce software out-of-the-box are just frameworks for a website presenting products and enabling customer checkout at small to mid-scale of traffic / business. Certainly not even close to 10 million or even 1 million users.

Even with 1 million users registered at an eCommerce website you need a full stack of technologies for a modular, redundant architecture of several layers of hardware and software. At this level of complexity we’re talking about advanced web engineering going far beyond picking a popular “cart solution”.

We’ve recently built a marketplace with 3 million products and 1 million users per month and our framework of choice was Spree Commercean open-source eCommerce solution used by 45.000 businesses around the world. It took a team of 10+ engineers of various areas of expertise almost a year.

Our tech stack looked something like this:

  • Ruby on Rails – framework for fast interative software development and test driven development which encourages simple designs and inspires confidence in built apps
  • Spree Commerce – market-proven ecommerce framework
  • ReactJS, Flux, MeteorJS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, jQuery – for front-end development supporting Customer Experience excellence
  • HTML5, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap – for clean and mobile-ready (responsive) website designs
  • MySQL, Redis, Sidekiq, Memcached – for data storage, caching, heavy async back-end jobs like data processing, product imports, email sending
  • Apache Solr, ElasticSearch – for time-efficient multi-million product indexing and search
  • Amazon S3, Heroku, dedicated servers – for hosting of several redundant instances of different software modules to avoid a single-point-of-failure – with an overlay of firewalls and load-balancers

As you see there are so many interconnected solutions making up a website with 10 million registered users… you need an Architect, a CTO to design your product developement strategy.

Good luck and if you need any additional info go ahead and write me at [email protected]

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Michal FaberQuestion: What platform is best for a scalable eCommerce solution with 10M+ registered users? It’s Spree Commerce.

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