Question: What is the best eCommerce platform which is open source, marketing oriented and SEO friendly?

Spree Commerce, which is an open-source e-commerce solution used by the biggest retail brands as well as single-product small-businesses, has some nice Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features:

  • Relevant, Meaningful URLs
  • On Page Keyword Targeting
  • Clean Content thanks to Twitter Bootstrap, a responsive CSS framework search-enginge-friendly
  • On Site Performance Optimization Minimizing HTTP requests for better search engine crawler behavior
  • Google Analytics integration

However please note that there are other factors not related to your e-commerce solution which might affect your Google rankings:

  • external links and their quality
  • server performance and capabilities

These areas should not be ignored.

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Michal FaberQuestion: What is the best eCommerce platform which is open source, marketing oriented and SEO friendly?

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