Question: What is a reasonable hourly rate for a Ruby on Rails developer in the US?

Spark Solutions (Ruby on Rails & Spree Commerce Developers) is an interesting option if you’re looking for good value and reasonable rates.

Our hourly rate is 40-60% of our US counterparts rate and on top of that you get project & quality management for free.

We have nice references from Ruby on Rails & Spree Commerce projects from both USA and Europe.

Another reason to work with us is that we have broad experience in running marketplaces and e-commerce businesses.

We are transparent and agile. We use the same tools US developers and shops do:

  • Pivotaltracker with short iterations for higher Client satisfaction
  • Slack / HipChat for real time communications
  • Skype / Google Hangouts for daily standups
  • Github for code management (it’s your code – always)
  • Usersnap for testing
  • Codeclimate for static code analysis
  • CircleCI for continous integration and deploys
  • Toggl for time tracking
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Michal FaberQuestion: What is a reasonable hourly rate for a Ruby on Rails developer in the US?

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