Question: Where can I get a good Ruby on Rails developer at a reasonable rate?

At Spark Solutions (Ruby on Rails & Spree Commerce Developers) we’ve built several apps, stores as well as a large multi-vendor marketplace. On the front-end we used React, which is created, supported and used by Facebook.

As a result we craft Mobile-Ready webotes with a lightning-fast facebook-like storefront / UX / user interface.

Scope & Estimation

Let’s talk about your project – goals, requirements, timeline. We’ll break it down into developer tasks and share our recommendations & estimates.

Deployment in weeks

We launch simple apps and stores within 3-6 weeks depending on integration, customization and data migration requirements. That’s agile! 🙂

Development trajectory

Let’s start with an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) stage and go from there. Let’s make something beautiful and see where it takes us.

Check out our CTO as a service offering to design your product development strategy.

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Michal FaberQuestion: Where can I get a good Ruby on Rails developer at a reasonable rate?

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