Spree Commerce demo

For developers: example Spree Commerce apps

Vanilla Spree store

Check out this vanilla Spree store with deployment for Heroku and Amazon S3.

Get it on Github: github.com/spark-solutions/spree_demo

Spree with ReactJS SPA

Customized Spree store with ReactJS Single Page App (SPA) frontend deployable on Heroku – Spark Starter Kit.

Read more about it: Spark Starter Kit

Get it on Github: github.com/spark-solutions/spark-starter-kit

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Thank you for the wonderful job, you guys are (by far) the best company we’ve worked with so far. Keep it up! We will definitely continue to work with your agency! We appreciate your honesty, expertise and proactivity!

Sam Basilio Yuve Co-founder
Zrzut ekranu 2015-12-01 o 15.08.01

Their timeline & budget estimates were very precise. And most importantly they delivered the working software within the estimated timeline and budget. Today, MilanStyle.com is the largest marketplace for luxury goods in the world serving members across the globe. Great job!

J.A. Edwards MilanStyle.com Founder
Zrzut ekranu 2015-12-01 o 15.21.07

I would say their disposition and their ability to try to get stuff done in the best way possible is unique. Spark Solutions seems to have the attitude of wanting to make it right together. I think that’s hard to find in developers, especially offshore teams.

Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin B/C Designers Founder

We threw a lot at the Spark team and wanted everything 'yesterday'. They did an outstanding job executing our vision. We have big plans, and a lot of new things to build, and we look forward to working with Spark for years to come.

Joe Fischer Greetabl Founder & CEO

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Our team is composed of seasoned web entrepreneurs and experienced developers who built e-commerce applications used by millions.

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We’re experts in building e-commerce solutions, online marketplaces and heavy load applications with great responsive interfaces.

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We are transparent, agile & work across multiple time zones – from California to Australia. Contact us and we’ll accomplish your goals.

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